Food vs. Good Food

I posted the following on the Jenny Craig Forum in response to a Thread that was started in outrage that JC was using pink slim in some of their dinners. Unfortunately it didn’t… Continue reading

Friend Makin’ Mondays 3-26

Sadly, I am not consistent with these but here goes: FMM: Current Favorites Song – hmm, there are many and I cannot pick one. My favorite current band is The Airborne Toxic Event, so… Continue reading

Our Maniac

Introducing Pavlov. No, we are not super intelligent psychology geeks. When we adopted our little fiend our daughter was heavily into Baby Einstein, and for all those who don’t know, Pavlov is the… Continue reading

Lobster Mac & Cheese

disclaimer: this post does NOT include a recipe for Lobster Mac & Cheese, sorry. I live in an odd demographic market. Technically we are part of the NYC metro area, although we are… Continue reading

Friend Makin’ Mondays

I wasn’t intending to participate in Friend Makin’ Mondays any time soon, since this is only my 3rd post and I don’t have any readers yet. However, I have been working on a… Continue reading

Light My Fire

This is our pellet stove [insert]. It is safe to say that my hubby and I are in love with this stove. We obsess over it: how many pellets are in the hopper,… Continue reading

Testing, Testing 1.2.3.

Ahem…Hello. Today I have challenged myself to finally write my first post. I’m a little intimidated by this blank square so I will keep it brief and to the point. Who am I? My… Continue reading