Food vs. Good Food

I posted the following on the Jenny Craig Forum in response to a Thread that was started in outrage that JC was using pink slim in some of their dinners. Unfortunately it didn’t get any comments but I thought I would post it over here  because I think it captures my conflicted feelings about convenience foods vs. whole foods and losing weight:

Knowledge is power and it is actually not a bad idea to research all the food you eat. There are a lot of interesting food facts that most Americans should know. http://www.cracked.c…eeding-you.html

The fact that Pink Slime is made from beef trimmings is disgusting but the truly disturbing thing about it is the chemical, namely ammonia, that they use to “stabilize” it. Unfortunately 90/10 ground beef is no safer than any other fat content, Pink Slime is said to help grocery stores keep the fat content down in packaged meat. Purchasing your meat from a reputable butcher is one way to make sure your meat is slime free, but I have heard some chef’s claim that the only way to know if your meat is 100% slime free is to grind it yourself.

Here is a link to a clip of Jaime Oliver explaining “Pink Slime”:…amie-oliver.php

There is a similar clip about “chicken slime” (?) also from The Food Revolution. It too is disgusting…think chicken nuggets.

I personally feel that we, the consumers, have a lot of power and can change a lot of these questionable food producing practices but we kind of stick our head in the sand and refuse to know what is happening. A lot of it has to do with simple home economics: these chicken nuggets are cheaper than those so we buy them, this drink is cheaper than that one etc. Can we afford to think about why this product is cheaper, whether it contains chicken by-product or HFCS? Some say it can be done: http://www.dietsinre…y-level-budget/

However, I freely admit that one of the reasons I chose Jenny was for the convenience of the prepared foods, knowing I was choosing foods that were full of additives and questionable ingredients. Will I choke down the Jenny Salisbury Steak that is in my freezer knowing it contains Pink Slime? Probably, especially since I suspected it was in there in the first place. Will I buy another one until Jenny stops using the slime? No.