My Weight Loss Journey

One of my motivations behind starting Shannland is to document my effort to finally lose the extra 63 lbs that I have been carrying around,for good, and my path back to living a healthy lifestyle. Someday I may get to writing a full bio and posting an about me, for now I will give you the brief rundown.

This was me, 33 lbs ago:

June 2011

I know it’s not the best picture, but I have never been a fan of getting my picture taken especially when I was at my heaviest. But, I think that the enormous face and arms are a good indication of how large I was.

Oh Wait, here is another gem:

August 2010

My Brother-in-law posted this on a family photo site. Thanks man. I wanted to die when I saw this.

To remedy this situation, I joined Jenny Craig in August 2011. I haven’t really shared that fact with a lot of people. My family and friends can see I am losing weight but I haven’t shared with them any of the how. I decided to join JC because I finally gave up figuring out what to eat. In the past, I had been a successful “dieter”. Ten years ago, I lost 30 lbs on Weight Watchers, combine that experience with years of other diets, I felt that I since I knew how to eat healthy I just be doing it.

However, my husband and daughter are extremely picky eaters and there are only so many foods that they liked that would keep my interest. As a family  we fell in the habit of getting takeout several times a week so that we can each eat what we wanted. At the grocery store I would get confused. I would spend all my time and money selecting healthy snacks and beverages that my daughter would eat, but  then get so overwhelmed trying to figure out what I wanted to eat that was healthy and easy. In the end I would just grab cheese and crackers because I was tired of thinking about it.

I also love wine. Combine that with loads of takeout and cheese and crackers and my weight just kept creeping up to a number that I will never admit. For years, I was reluctant to “diet” again. I had done it so many times in the past and I didn’t want to live a life of deprivation in order to be thin. One night I was feeling desperate and I started researching meal delivery plans like the Biggest Loser, Freshology and Bistro MD. Wow, were they expensive and the reviews were so mixed. Jenny Craig kept popping up in my Google search and after hours of research it dawned on my that the answer was on the page right in front of me, the JC plan provided the food I didn’t want to have to think about and the accountability of a weekly weigh in. The next day, I went into the center and signed up for their Metabolic Max plan which includes the Body Media armband.  Thankfully, I had a little money saved up because the initial fee was not cheap.

33 lbs in 6 months is not considered  fast weight loss, my initial goal was to lose all 63 lbs by my BIG birthday in April, however, I have adjusted that goal to mid-june. Early on, I decided that I wasn’t going to cut out anything that I wasn’t willing to live without forever and that I wasn’t going to “diet” in a bubble anymore since I don’t live in a bubble. What does that mean? It means when I go out to dinner, I order food like a normal person and I order what I want to eat, when I go to a party, I drink wine and eat snacks and although my every day meals are Jenny Craig I prepare them in a way that I actually enjoy the food.

By not having to think about what to cook, I have learned a lot about what I like to eat. With every meal, I have to add either a vegetable or salad side dish which I don’t mind spending time and money on since I am not worrying about the main attraction. I will admit, I haven’t figured out what I am going to do when I am not eating JC food. But I will keep you posted, I promise.