Light My Fire

This is our pellet stove [insert].

It is safe to say that my hubby and I are in love with this stove. We obsess over it: how many pellets are in the hopper, how much heat is it kicking out, how warm is the room, how high is the flame etc. We discuss it endlessly between ourselves and with anyone who makes the mistake of asking us about it.

This stove plus the cost of retrofitting our existing fireplace was probably one of the most expensive single purchases we have ever made for our home (I don’t count replacing the super expensive indoor sewer pump because I like to erase that fiasco from my mind). After researching and deliberating over this purchase for 2 years we finally pulled the trigger and purchased it in October of 2011, with the intent of using it as our main home heating source. With the cost of oil on the rise, heating our 1984 square foot home had become insanely expensive. And we were never warm!

I won’t bore you with the specs, but this wonderful stove keeps our house at an easy 70 (+) degrees through out the entire house, all 3 floors of it. I admit to being a heat hog and running it on high so that we are super toasty, but after freezing my ass off forever from November 1 to April 30th I can’t seem to get enough.

And now to the point. As I mentioned, we put the stove in in October. And we have been looking the messy, ugly patched up wall and woodwork ever since. Why? Because…

I procrastinate. I can’t even lie about it. It is probably my single worst trait.

So yesterday, just hours before our first non-family gathering in over 4 months started I finally painted it.


I have to go pat myself on the back now.