Our Maniac


Introducing Pavlov. No, we are not super intelligent psychology geeks. When we adopted our little fiend our daughter was heavily into Baby Einstein, and for all those who don’t know, Pavlov is the name of their dog character.

We adopted her when she was 8 weeks old and 10lbs. We were hoping for a tidy little 35-40lb dog. Instead we have a 75lb long-legged horse dog. On a beautiful warm day like today she typically spends 15 minutes of every hour lapping our yard, barking like a maniac at birds and the other 45 minutes like this:


At 5 years old, she has grown into a good dog. The puppy years were tough because she was the “Energizer dog” then she turned into a stubborn teenage dog.  There were times when my husband was ready to kick her out of the house and occasions (usually after she stole our dinner off of the counter) that I wondered what the hell we got ourselves into, but she is a wonderful cuddler and that’s really all that matters