Lobster Mac & Cheese

disclaimer: this post does NOT include a recipe for Lobster Mac & Cheese, sorry.

I live in an odd demographic market. Technically we are part of the NYC metro area, although we are 75 miles from NYC  and less then 5 miles away from next market area,  so we get to see a lot of commercials for restaurants located far away from our actual geographic that they might as well be on the moon.

I cannot tell you how long we salivated over the Sonic commercials. I mean, shakes and tater tots eaten in the car at 2 a.m.? What could be better than that? Since driving down to the great state of New Jersey for a burger was not really practical, we waited. And, waited. When they finally arrived in Connecticut there was a 2+ hour line for weeks. WEEKS. Now that I have eaten there, I realize that is insane. Yes, I love their tater tots and caramel shakes, but that is only worth a 15 minute wait. Tops.

My latest restaurant obsession is a place called Carrabba’s Italian Grill. I have done my research and there is one here  in CT, but it is so far north it may as well be in Massachusetts. Most of their “local” sites seems to be on Long Island and New Jersey.

Recently, they have been showing these amazing commercials for LOBSTER MAC & CHEESE!


It is just torture. The last time I had lobster mac & cheese was at the Island Grill in Cape May NJ in June 2011  and it  was amazing, so every time I see this commercial my mouth starts watering. It’s just not fair.